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The nonprofit marketing topic has been discussed for quite some time now. There is increasing knowledge on the subject, lots of conferences, blogs, reports, webinars and research. Many nonprofits are already putting all this knowledge into practice. As a marketer and social change campaigner, I’ve seen the power of strategic marketing in  spreading the word about social initiatives and in building strong, lasting communities around them.

Despite all this, the number of nonprofits fully embracing these practices is still very limited.  And it seems that the discussions are mainly taking place in the US while in Europe and other parts of the world the debate is still in an incipient stage. Although some NGOs are starting to see marketing as an integral part of their long-term advocacy and fundraising strategy, there’s still a long way for the trend to reach maturity.

Just take a look at the keyword searches on the topic in different locations. Not much interest outside the US. Or check out Nonprofit Tech for Good’s list of online fundraising and social media reports; most of them reside in the US. Or even check the number of marketing vacancies in European nonprofits compared to the US. More knowledge needs to be generated and more awareness raised in Europe. Why? Because the tactics and strategy will differ based on target audience, cultural values, environment, state of the market etc.

During my work as marketer for a range of European nonprofits, I have noticed a strong need for strategic, integrated marketing as well as the incredible impact a well-thought-out marketing strategy can have on an NGO’s fundraising efforts. This is why I am starting this blog. I want to share my experience, my beliefs, my passion and the lessons I’ve learned as a nonprofit marketer.

What’s next?

I will cover topics ranging from strategy, inbound marketing and messaging to email marketing, social media, blogging and web analytics. In addition, I will look at the nonprofit marketing landscape in Europe.  I will write tips and tricks to ease the work of nonprofit marketers, provide lists of useful tools and resources, overviews of webinars and conferences that I participate in as well as results of web analyses and research that I will conduct in the field.

About me

As you’ve probably figured out, I get truly excited about causes that improve the lives of people everywhere. This, combined with a passion for social marketing – the marketing used for good, the marketing that helps make a positive change – gives me the motivation to drive fundamental change in the nonprofit sector.

I have been working as marketer for organisations like AkvoSNV Netherlands Development Organisation, Beyond Borders Media and the European Association for International Education (EAIE). For the past 3 years I have been a board member (and marketing strategist) of HUTAC, an association that offers networking and career development opportunities to ambitious young professionals from all around the world. I also worked as adviser on marketing projects for nonprofits like the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), BrandOutLoud and LiveBuild. Prior to this I worked in the for-profit sector but soon realised I wanted to be part of initiatives with a social impact.

Some fun facts about me…I travel as much as I can, enjoying the amazing nature the earth has to offer and the incredible people I meet along the way. I love penguins and dream to make it to the South Pole one day. I practise yoga, play board games and love reading and watching documentaries on political and economic themes. And the ideas I gain from all these experiences feed into my work in the most unexpected ways.

Want to get in touch and chat about the latest nonprofit marketing trends or maybe discuss the marketing palette that your NGO needs? Request a free consultation or leave your comments below.

This post was updated on 14 January 2018.

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