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Time to (re)formulate the strategy of your impact-driven business and looking to use a framework that doesn’t just focus on profit but also on a higher values-based goal? Discover the Cause Canvas – a strategy framework for organisations committed to sustainable change and inclusive growth. Consisting of nine elements that revolve around your dream for a more just and sustainable world (the higher goal), the framework guides you through questions that are key in amplifying your cause – all the while staying true to your foundational values and engaging in lasting relationships with everyone involved. Excited to apply it to your business? Download your free copy below.

Why use the Cause Canvas?

Cause Canvas

• Ensure clarity around what your organisation stands for and underline its uniqueness around your higher goal.
• Craft a promise that resonates with all your stakeholders.
• Define the profiles of ideal customers, donors and/or investors, in line with the values of the community at the core of your business.
• Ask critical funding questions and brainstorm outreach ideas for inclusive and sustainable growth.
• Identify ways to maximise current resources and look for synergies that will amplify your impact.
• Make a plan on how to safeguard your values and relationships as you grow your business.

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